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11-01-2006 I decided to say hello and he goes and responds so rudely.. so I figured perhaps Id see if he really wanted his new laptop hard drive installed.. and then realized maybe he was right all these years.. telling me that I know nothing about computers. the rest speaks for itself. he just cracks himself right up sometimes.
02-12-2006 Olde Texte - Part 4: Whenever Dave gets rude, I always try to threaten him by saying I wont give him any more computer parts,... but this tactic usually just makes him get ruder.
02-10-2006 Olde Texte - Part 3: I was trying to think of a nice little poem for Dave, and I decided to rip on the time he didnt save his Excel file properly and I was expected to magically make the data reappear... but still, Im nice enough to write him a poem, and hes gotta get all rude on me... hey, I might be his geek tech, but I can only fix computers. not stupidity.
02-08-2006 Olde Texte - Part 2: Thou shalt greet in typical fashioneth.
02-06-2006 Olde Texte - Part 1: I dont know why he decided to message me with Old English Shakespere type talk, but it started something that lasted a few days and was pretty funny.
01-02-2006 Few days after christmas and I figured it would be a good time to push a few buttons with some post holiday sales jabs... I was just having a litle fun, dont see the need for him to get so nasty....
12-07-2005 oh, hes so clever..... dont let that santa get-up fool you.... Dave never gave nothin away to nobody.
11-08-2005 You risten to Mr. Meragi and you be OK.
10-04-2005 He made the mistake of letting me know how much he doesnt want to hear the phrase "Number Two" so of course I had to take advantage of this.
08-07-2005 You try to be nice to someone and youre forced to be a jerk instead.....
08-05-2005 It was funny and he knows it. :)
05-14-2005 That was just way too easy.
03-20-2005 I think hes on to me... he knows how much fun I find this torment.
03-19-2005 It seems I can always manage to think of things that Jeff probably doesnt want to hear about. hehe.. and boy is it fun.
01-25-2005 I dont know why.. but for some reason, this sort of thing never gets old to me.
01-06-2005 Only took about 5 minutes after the last one to end up with the material to make this one.
01-05-2005 Ill never understand why he gets so excited over the ability to constantly download or stream things just for the sake of downloading and streaming... and for craps sakes, youre there to work, not watch TV.
12-19-2004 Tis the season to push Daves buttons.
12-17-2004 Another typical greeting.
12-15-2004 Talking to Immy about his Dr. appointment earlier that day. he explained this particular episode in his ass odyssey, and naturally I had to have a little fun at his expense and try to put some humor in the situation for him.... what are friends for?.. his response pretty much sums up everything.
12-07-2004 Typical greeting.
12-03-2004 End of the day at work and I decided to exploit Daves well known download greed and tease him with the idea of something that was new and improved to download twice as fast... he responded exactly the way I figured he would from first frame to last.... whats even better is how the dummy really thought Id be torrenting at work.
11-29-2004 This conversation is actually the continuing attempt to try and fix Daves daughters computer at home. when its home, it reboots itself. when I take it home, or we run it at the store, it seems to run fine no matter what I do to it. Weve changed as many parts as we can without spending a ton of money. Dave fund a link to a 200 Gig hard drive. weather its needed for the computer or not, I know him and hard drive space.. and if it didnt fix the problem at home hed be thrilled because it would mean another 200 gigs for his greed at the store. reading this conversation youll see how even an intelligent conversation between us quickly degrades to crude base humor and insults. and youll see the ending youll see time and again... when Dave cant come up with anything better to say... he will simply resort to the blow me face.
11-21-2004 Just a quiet somewhat boring night at home, BSing with some friends online. somehow I find myself talking with Brokenreality and something made me remember this process we discuss in the strip. totally unplanned, when I saw his continued reaction to my idea, the phrase in the last frame just hit me as the perfect response to his unsupporting text.
11-18-2004 Its New Years Eve, I have my night planned already, a rather simple scheduel, when all of a sudden, Dave decides he needs help moving his DJ Equipment in to a job location that just happens to be near the destination of where I was going to be spending my night. he messages me this request at the last minute, so now I have to leave over 2 hours earlier than planned so I dont chance being late for where Im supposed to be going. wad.