Real People,
        Real IM Logs,
          REAL FUNNY!

Log This! FAQ:

    Q: Are these logs for real?

    A: they sure are. some of the lines have been spell corrected, or combined with lines directly before and after them to save space and require less frames. if someone said 3 things in a row, I just add them together with commas. at the same time, if someone wrote a paragraph, I may split it to two frams next to each other. some lines, like "lol's" that are just there but not required to get the point have been removed, as well as lines that may be from a different conversation thats going on at the same time with the person, but for the most part, what you see is what we said. and that will tell a lot about the characters. As the mass of posted log strips grow, youll probably see that I am in to technology, and Im the one a lot of people go to for questions and advice. Youll see that Dave both runs a music store and is a mobile DJ. And youll learn than in real life, Immy somehow manages to get himself in to position to be the butt of a lot of jokes. A lot of what we say may seem like a setup just to make a funny conversation, but thats because we are always picking on each other, even in real life. I enjoy telling Rock disgusting made up stories and ideas because its funny to hear him react so seriously about how terrible it is. Dave will make fun of Immys "size" constantly trying to get a rise out of him (pun intended)

    Q: Are you guys really this mean to each other?

    A: Yes and no. we really do say these things, both online and in person, but its always in joking just to try and piss the other person off and keep it rolling like that for as long as we can.

    Q: Are these logs all yours?

    A: For the most part, yes. therefor, Ill be in most of the strips. if a good log text is sent to me from one of the other guys from a conversation two of them had, then I will probably use it as a strip.

    Q: Are these conversations always from the same places?

    A: Most of the time. yes. the majority of the good stuff comes durring the day when Im at my desk at work, and Im talking to these people. Dave is usually at his Store, Rock is usually at work, Immy is always in his bedroom. at any given time, any one of us could be at home instead of the previously mentioned places, but I probably wont be drawing things differently in those situations.

    Q: How come you all look like your sitting at the same setup?

    A: Because its all about the logs, not the art. I made one template to represent each person at a computer. the way youll know how it is, is by the character, and the wall behind them.

    Q: Whats with all the acronyms? what do they stand for?

    A: It started with lol as most chat does. Then naturally out of our crude nature, bm came around to represent "bite me".. further witt brought forth such things as wad for "what a dick" and po for piss off. (you can see our intellectual minds and sophisticated sense of humor really shines through with all of us).. it got to a point for a while where it was more fun to insult each other with acronyms and see if the other person could figure it out, than it was to just say it... when it came time to tell someone bm "blow me" we realized they often took it as bm "bite me", and these things are far too important to be mixing up. so rather than bm for "blow me" the emoticon with the blue face, bugged out eyes and wide open mouth was put in its place. this emoticon is represented as 8-o and solved the bm-bm crisis.

    Heres a list of our acronyms and other little things to help you understand our conversations. as more strips get created with ones that are needed, Ill add them here.

    - HA! = (a sarcastic laugh that sounds just like its spelled. "ha". used when you dont like what someone said, or to indicate something like "think again buddy")
    - 8-o = blow me
    - bm = bite me
    - fo = F-off
    - ft = F-that
    - wad = what a dick
    - foff = F-off F-face
    - ah = ass hole
    - waah = what an ass hole
    - int = I need that
    - dh = dickhead
    - fodh = F-off dickhead
    - ys = you suck
    - ir = I rule

    - combinations are always endless possibilities. Ill post some, but may not post them all. for the most part, youll be able to put the pieces together when you see one.